Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hindrances to Using Your Authority

There is an enemy of your soul and his name is Satan. He will do whatever it takes to try to shipwreck your life and abort your destiny in God. His plans are to hinder and ultimately stop your progress.

Hinder defined:
• To delay or prevent the development or progress of somebody or something.

Words that help us understand hinder are: hold back, delay, deter, hamper, encumber, obstruct, get in the way, thwart and impede.
God has given you authority over your enemy. Luke 10:19 declares, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”However the enemy will do try to do everything to keep you from using that authority over him, so he will try to put road blocks and hindrances in your way.
Remember the devil cannot obstruct your authority just because he wants to; you have to give him permission. We don’t generally give the enemy permission to come in and wreck havoc in our lives knowingly, most often times it is through yielding to his deceptive devices. These satanic strategies and devices are sent to you to cause you to not use authority or to cause your authority to be ineffective.


1. Lack of Knowledge (specifically in who you are in Christ)
2. Fear
3. Lacking Confidence
4. Unbelief
5. Weights
6. Lacking spiritual discipline

*This is not an all inclusive list, just some of the main strategies the enemy may use to try to thwart your authority.
We must be alert and sober, keeping our spiritual senses keen (finely tuned and able to sense minor differences, distinctions and details). When someone is drunk from the cares of this life or intoxicated with its false glamour and seductive ways they become dull to the deceptive devices of the enemy and are easy prey. If we want to stay loyal to God and see His will done in the earth we must stay alert and tuned in to His Spirit to lead and guide us. We must be faithful to use the authority He has given us to continually maintain our victory and finish our God given course in this life. We will discuss in greater depth each hindrance on this week, so stay tuned will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, use your authority and keep the enemy under your feet. Go forward and make progress, expand and increase, take new territory in Jesus Name!

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  1. Don't let the enemy stop you and your progress, just like in sports take baskeball for example, would you let somebody just shut you down offensively. Not allow you to take any shots, no difference with satan don't let him shut you out and have you in the game doing nothing but running wasting your breath. Score dripple down the court and pull up a three pointer right in satan's face. And then do it again and again