Thursday, July 14, 2022

Be alert to what you hear

 Luke 9:44 Jesus said: " Let these sayings sink down into your ears...

Are you listening? God has many things to say to you. The words that God speak are what we live by. Man was created by God and designed to live by every word that proceeds out of His mouth. His words are vital to our very existence. Jesus said let these sayings sink down, inferring there can be a shallow form of hearing. We hear but don't hear, we hear and don't understand what we hear and the words just become mere casual conversation. We must put a greater value on the words that God speak than any other words spoken to us, regardless at whatever time in our life they were spoken, no matter who else it was that said it. God's word is spirit and it is life. It is not just something we can casually choose to ignore, without experiencing grave consequences. If God said His word is life to me and health to all my flesh, and that it is the very substance of my life, then for me to not partake of it would mean death and destruction. Oh yes, it's that important. Jesus said let these words, meaning we can control how deep the Word penetrates our life. We can stop it's progress when we don't honor it, esteeming other things and words over it. When we place more importance on what somebody else is saying. Proper spiritual growth and development depends on what takes root in your life. The sayings that sink down deep are the ones we allow to guide and influence our everyday life. Critical decisions that we make daily, decisions that not only effect our lives but the lives of others, are all based on the things that we have allowed to sink down deep in our hearing. Be more selective and protective of the words you allow to go to the deeper parts of your being.

And He said to them, Be careful what you are hearing. The measure (of thought and study) you give (to the truth you hear) will be the measure (of virtue and knowledge) that comes back to you and more (besides) will be given to you who hear. Mark 4:24 (amp)

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