Thursday, March 8, 2018

What's in Your Cup?

Many years ago there was a TV commercial that had a jiggle that said, "Wake up to Folgers in your cup." The intent of the coffee manufacturer was to persuade people as soon as they woke up in the morning to fill up on their brand of coffee. They wanted their coffee to be the first thing on your mind when you opened your eyes every morning. I'm sure many were persuaded by the jiggles ever so friendly tone and homely approach. Many people across the United States woke up every morning and headed right for the kitchen and began their day with one or more cups of Folgers coffee. After many days, weeks, months and years of following this pattern of behavior many people are still practicing the same routine today. As a matter of fact they may even get upset if their daily routine of waking up to Folgers in their cup is interrupted or delayed. They become grumpy and irritable and sometimes downright hostile to others all because they did not fill their cup when they first woke up. Some people will even warn you not to talk or approach them until they have had their morning cup of choice. Now, I know you may be thinking that I am against coffee drinkers but I certainly am not, I am just making a point. If you are a morning coffee drinker be not offended :).

Cups are containers or vessels and only become useful when something is put in them. Cups can only give what they receive. Trash in, trash out. Gold in, gold out. When you put something into a cup it doesn't change it into something else.

The scripture says in the 23rd Psalms that when God anoints our head with oil our cups run over. Oh my, what an awesome revelation! If you consider what God said here you can see the parallel. Man is being compared to a vessel or cup. The top of our head representing the mouth of the cup. God pours the oil in from the top into the rest of our being, just like you would fill a cup. Then He doesn't stop pouring until you overflow with oil,and begin running over, Hallelujah! God did not create us to be empty vessels but overflowing wells! Isn't it better to wake up overflowing with God in your cup everyday!

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