Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How Bad Do You Want It?

Every day we have the opportunity to devote our time and attention to something. Most often times the things we give priority to are the things we value the most. People sometimes spend years researching and studying different interest because it is something they like, so they give much time and dedication to find out as much as they can on the subject. When a person is hired on a job they sometimes are given manuals or computer modules to read so that they can know how to do their job from the employer’s perspective. If this new employee wants to be successful, then they will spend numerous hours not only reading the required info given to them by the employer, but they will go the extra mile and learn more and do more than the minimum requirements.

When something is of value to someone it shows. Their dedication and loyalty to adjust their own life and schedule to accommodate the thing valued is evident. Jesus made a statement in the bible quite similar to the point I am trying to make: “If ye love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15”
Jesus was saying if you love me then make me priority in your life. Go out of your way and day to learn about me and to adjust your life to agree with my manual (the bible).

What are your priorities? Do you want a successful marriage? Then study and dedicate time on the subject. Do you want success in parenting? Then study and dedicate time on the subject. Do you need healing in your body or mind? Then study and dedicate time on the subject.

Nothing just happens, you must do your part. God has provided answers to every question you will ever ask, but He is not going to cram them down your spirit or soul.

How bad do you want it? 
God has a plan for every life but it will not just magically appear. Sometimes we spend days and weeks tending to trivial things and never giving any attention to the precious things. How bad do you want the plan that God has for your life to be fulfilled? How much time do you spend on seeking out that plan? How much time do you spend following His plan for your life and not your own plans?

How bad do you want it? 
Your daily focus and interest can give us the answer.

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