Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Be True to Yourself

In a world that everything has become acceptable and blindly tolerable, you must decide and take a stand for what is permissible for you. Be true to yourself by choosing the only standard that will bring a favorable eternal outcome. Being true to yourself means being honest in your own heart. If you are not up to par in your walk with God then just admit it then make the adjustments and grow up and move forward. We all know it is miserable to be out of the will of God. Many times you can see the distress and void on people’s faces. They pretend to be having a good time (spiritually and naturally). They smile yet all the while they are kicking against the pricks of their God given destiny. They try to engage in vain amusements and mind cluttering activities so they won’t have to think about the sorrow and emptiness that press daily on their hearts.

Being true to one self means to stop the facade and get off the roller coaster of worldliness. It means getting down to business with you. It means pointing your own finger in your own face and saying stop, no more pretenses, it’s all or nothing, I choose to go forward.
Being true to yourself means staying with your decision to obey God no matter what anybody else chooses to do.

Being true to yourself means stepping back and letting God take the lead in your life. We can do nothing without God, yet we can do all things through Him.

Make the decision that today is your day, to be true to yourself and begin living the blessed life that Jesus purchased for you!

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