Saturday, February 18, 2017

Smile, you look just like ___________ !

Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Are you a peacemaker? Well child of God you are blessed!
Another word for peacemaker is mediator; somebody who works with both sides in a dispute in an attempt to help them to reach an agreement.

As children of God we have His nature and His ways are continuing being imprinted on our hearts. God's ways are far above the ways of mere unchanged men. When we spend time with God in prayer and meditation in the Word of God, we begin to sound like Him and look like Him in our character and personality. We take on a new culture, the Kingdom of God culture. We become imitators of God. We begin to resemble Him when we are going through a temptation, test or trial. When the storms of life come we find ourselves responding like Jesus instead of the traditions and cultures we were raised in from the world.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace! He is our Mediator, between God the Father and mankind. He secured a covenant or agreement of Peace between God and man. He got right smack dab in the middle and brought us together as a family again.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in natural situations at work, in our homes, with extended family and relatives, with children, neighbors etc. where we need to bring peace between two or more parties. Yes, I know you are probably like most of us who would rather just stay out of it and mind your own business so to speak. However there are times when you maybe lead of the Holy Ghost to rise up and be a peacemaker in certain situations. In times such as these just know that God is with you and in you and He will give you what to do and say. Be bold to do what you have seen the Father do or say. Stand strong for the truth and never be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ even though you maybe criticized and persecuted for it. The truth sets people free. So obey when He is prompting you to get involved in certain situations. You are His child and you are a peacemaker. Rejoice, you look just like your Heavenly Father!

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