Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Favorites

On my computer I have a tool button that says, Favorites.

I actually use it quite often, it's one of my favorite buttons. I have all the web-sites that I frequent most under this tab. When I use my favorite button it provides a short cut for me so that I don't have to go through a full google search. When you search for something you have to weed through all the other programs that either sound like what you want or are spelled like or who knows what some of the things listed are on the list for. So I really appreciate having my favorites located in a convenient place, saves me lots of time and frustration.

I also have favorites in my Bible. I know that the entire Bible is awesome and full of wonderful promises and many other powerful words of truth but I do have some favorites. My favorites usually consist of scriptures that have faithfully seen me through the greatest trials of my life. These scriptures are engraved in my spirit and soul for life. When something or someone sticks with you through thick and thin, it inescapably becomes your favorite. Some of my favorite scriptures have actually saved my life. When receiving an evil report concerning my health, my favorite stepped right up and took on the challenge and brought me through without any residual of the attack. My favorites have faithfully kept my family safe for many years. My favorites have prospered me and shielded me from harm. My favorites have brought me through the fire without the smell of smoke. My favorites never left or abandoned me even when facing the fury of the enemy. I love my favorites and they will always be a part of me. I hope that you have a list of favorite scriptures that have been faithful to you and been with you, sticking closer than a brother.

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