Sunday, January 15, 2017

Emotions: Friend or Foe?

Emotions: Friend or Foe?

Many people have a misconception concerning our God given emotions, and they group them in with the five physical senses of the human body. However, our emotions are of the soul, and they were created by God with a purpose. Emotions are no less important than the other elements of the soul; our mind and will. But if they are left undeveloped and conformed to the nature of fall man they can be very destructive. Emotions are often related to feelings, and episodes of tearful woe. They are stereo-typed with menopause and mental instabilities; such as nervous breakdowns and immature whining and pity parties. Emotions are thought of as mood swings and unstable, irrational changes in behavior. They are seen as a weakness, something to be avoided and never cultivated to be an asset.    

Our God given emotions are not part of the curse as some may think. Emotions when properly understood and skillfully employed in a human beings life can complement and strengthen their relationship and intimacy with God and others. Emotions can help maintain our inner man’s flaming fire of passion for God and His Kingdom, assisting with the fulfillment of our Divine destiny and finishing one’s course in life. A runner with zeal and passion for his race is more likely to train harder, press further and sacrifice more than someone who is mediocre and has no fervor whatsoever for the game. Emotion is not an island and is never to be solo in its endeavors but is a support to the spirit of man. On the other hand, emotions ungoverned by the word of God and the Spirit of God can cause shipwreck to the human spirit. 

The human body has many parts and each part has a function yet all the parts work together to help the body fulfill its purpose. The soul also was created by God with more than one part and all the parts are to work together to help the spirit of man fulfill his destiny. There was not one part of mans being, spirit, soul or body that was created by mistake or without meaningful purpose.

As we seek to Detoxify our soul and rid it of all harmful, destructive and deadly toxins, the various parts of our soul will begin to  take on new character and  regain original purpose. When we submit our whole being; spirit, soul and body to the word of God and allow it to transformation us from the inside out  we will experience the benefits of each member of our beings true purpose. Don't settle for the lie that your emotions are of the curse and therefore should be avoided and left undeveloped thus preventing them from glorifying God. 

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