Sunday, July 5, 2015

Love Letters!!

The Bible is a love letter from God to us His family. It was written to us even before we were born on the earth. God had things to say to us and He wanted us to know how much He loved us, so He took the time to have it written down not only on paper but also on the table of our heart. God said in His word,  

"This is the agreement (testament, covenant) that I will set up and conclude with them after those days, says the Lord: I will imprint My laws upon their hearts, and I will inscribe them on their minds (on their inmost thoughts and understanding), (Hebrews 10:16 AMP).

God wrote this awesome love letter and then inscribed it on our heart, now that is love.
When someone takes the time to write you a letter, filled with words from their heart, it is proper to respond.

Today would be a good day to reply to God from your heart and write Him a love letter. Tell God how much you love Him and express your gratitude to Him. Our God is such a wonderful Father.

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