Wednesday, July 8, 2015


A link is a connecter. A link is something that ties, connects, or relates two or more things. For instance, someone sends you an e-mail because they are trying to get some information to you. However, in addition to what they just shared with you, they have another source that can further make clear to you the subject, so they attach a link so that you can readily connect to this resource. These connections can be very vital to your success or failure.

When you are connected to the right things, it causes your whole life to prosper. There are many things that connect to other things. Fear is linked to failure. Anxiety is linked to prayerlessness. Spiritual strength is linked to joy. Faithfulness is linked to blessings.

In order for someone to benefit from links or connectors, they must open them. Someone can attach a link to your e-mail but if you never open it, you cannot partake of its benefits. How many times do we only receive the obvious but yet lack spiritual discipline to go deeper and link up with weightier things.

How many links have God sent you and you never opened them, that are still sitting in your spiritual e-mail box? That link could contain the answer you’ve been waiting to go forward in your steps of obedience to fulfill the complete will of God for your life. Follow the links God have put in your life; you will prosper and have good success.

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