Monday, May 11, 2015

Late Night Snacks!

Sometimes we can get hungry at the strangest times, like in the middle of the night or close to bedtime. There you sit minding your own business getting ready to retire for the night and...bam!
Your stomach begins to growl. You think to yourself, "surely I couldn’t be hungry I just ate 4 hours ago!"

However your body is now crying out and demanding to be fed. What do you do, feed it or deny it?

This can also apply to our spirit man. Our spirit has the same or many times a greater demand for nourishment then our physical bodies. When our bodies are active, many times they require and demand more calories, kind of like supply and demand. When you expend spiritual energy, so to speak, you require more spiritual food to maintain soundness and effectiveness. When you are spiritually active, it is not unusual for your spirit to wake your mind and body in the middle of the night for a late night Hallelujah snack. What do you do, feed it or deny it?

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