Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Soak defined:

• To penetrate something by saturating it and passing into pores or small holes.
Similar words to soak are: immerse, steep, marinate, infuse, saturate, and bathe.

There is a difference between soaking something in water and just merely dipping something in water. When you dip something in water it is just a brief encounter then you quickly remove it from the water, However when you soak something it is a lengthier period of time that you leave it in the water or substance. Soaking requires patience. Many times people get in a hurry and don’t let what is immersed absorb all that it needs to.

Colossians 3:16
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

The word richly in that verse means abundance. Let the word of God live in you in great quantity, not just a little bit. In order for God’s word to live in us richly we need to immerse or soak ourselves in it so that it can permeate and saturate every fiber of our being. When something is soaked it becomes weighty, heavy or solid. This weightiness and/or solidity becomes the anchor of our spirit, soul and body. It is the rock that causes us not to be moved. When we become rooted and grounded in God and His word we become unshakeable.
Many times when you soak something it gives the soaking agent time to remove old callous things and yet at the same time penetrate and expand useful things. When the word of God penetrates and fills your heart, it begins to expand and enlarge it, giving way to the greater and thus becoming more useful.
Dehydration is a dangerous lack of water in the body resulting from inadequate intake of fluids or excessive loss. Loss of fluids can result from various assaults on the body such as: disease, trauma, profuse sweating, prolonged heat exposure, etc. When the body is dehydrated the person can become confused, weak, delirious, experience visual disturbances and a host of other malfunctions. If we compare this to spiritual dehydration we can see some of the same devastating manifestations. Spiritual dehydration produces a lack of spiritual perception and/or discernment which distorts Godly vision; they begin to experience spiritual weakness resulting in poor judgment and increased carnality. We see manifestations of spiritual delirium, anxiety and speech deficits. Spiritual dehydration can put a person’s spirit in a state of shock. Listen, child of God, we should never allow our spirits to get to the point of spiritual dehydration. We must endeavor to stay full!
Daily soaks in God’s word causes us to overflow with the life and light of God. Our lives then become prosperous and we have good success. God told Joshua to meditate His word day and night; well I think that could very well be a form of soaking. Lightly wetting yourself with the word of God does not produce good success, the gentlest breeze can quickly dry that from your skins surface. However when we soak, it goes deep inside, filtering through every pore, reaching every part of our being.
So purpose in your heart to take frequent soaks in the Word of Life and watch your life overflow and grow more and more!


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