Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LOVE PREVAILS (Love Feast Day #6)

1Corinthians 13: 6

It does not rejoice at injustice and unrighteousness, but rejoices when right and truth prevail.

Love Feast, day #6.

Hey, hey, hey we are growing hooray!

I know if you have been faithful to meditate the verses of this chapter daily there is tremendous growth and refreshing in your spirit, soul and body. God loves for us to grow and develop in His love. God knows that the person who will seek to grow in His love will always love Him and love their neighbor, thus we live in continual victory. Victory is maintained in our lives by our obedience to love not by how many fights we win over the devil, he is already defeated.
Our love verse today speaks of injustice. Let us explore a little more about this word.

Injustice defined:
• Unfair or unjust treatment of somebody, or an instance of this.

Similar words to injustice are; unfairness, prejudice, inequality, bias, wrong and discrimination.

We are never to rejoice or celebrate unfairness or discrimination even if it’s you who are the one seemingly being favored in the situation. God’s favor does not work through injustice. Love rejoices when the truth and what is right prevails. It is right to do right, even if it seems wrong. We live in a day when people call wrong right and what’s right wrong. Well God is not like man, He is a just God.
This verse also speaks of rejoicing not at unrighteousness. The bible tells us that all unrighteousness is sin. To live a life of sin is to live a life totally separated from God. That is a very horrible place to be. There is nothing funny about sin. Sin is extremely destructive and deadly. It destroys marriages and families, it destroys hopes and dreams, it is a dark and unrelenting terror to the soul. Sin is not a game; it is death and total separation from God. We should not rejoice at unrighteous things. The word unrighteous implies sinful or evil. It is being out of fellowship with God. Oh my, what a dreadful existence. I know because I was once there; dead in trespasses and sins, separated from the life and covenant of God. Oh what misery and fear. The devil is full of darkness and wickedness, nothing he does or stands for is good. When his kingdom does something we are never to side with darkness, no matter who the devil uses to perform his evil deeds. We are light in the Lord, light is to have no union or fellowship with darkness. Rejoice not at unrighteousness. We are on the Lord’s side, which is love’s side.
We rejoice when love prevails! Love is truth.

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  1. Amen, injustice. No, we in and of ourselves can not naturally fight and win against the injustices that go on in life. However, in God we can insure ourselves that the injustices that may be tried against us will not prevail. No weapon formed against us shall prevail. Once we come into the knowledge of Christ, we are to tell and teach and preach to others about how to stop the injustices that are occurrring in peoples lives*