Friday, December 2, 2011


Walls divide and hide pride. Walls separate. Walls block. Walls hedge in or out. Walls fortify. Walls enclose. Walls can either trap you in or keep them out. Walls can be good or evil. What kind of walls have you allowed to form in your life over the years? Are those walls preventing you from going forward toward your God given destiny? It is amazing that sometimes people think God will just come in their lives and start automatically tearing down walls but He won’t. God will not touch or bother anything in your life unless you ask or allow Him to. God is not a thief nor is He a robber. You must be willing to allow and welcome Him into your life affairs; He won’t just come in and take over. God loves you and He wants your life free from every obstacle so that you can go forward and pursue and do the will of God concerning you. God knows that if you continue to allow these walls to dominate in your life that it can someday hinder your relationship with Him. So you must value your union and fellowship with God above these walls you have built. God is your only help and protection, those walls are not protecting you from anything. They are trying to keep you from your real source which is God. Maybe you have allowed those walls to be a sort of crutch for years and you depended and relied on them. They may even have seemed like they were actually helping you but they cannot help. These walls don’t possess the power to help you, they are empty, just down-right hollow. Don’t put your trust in this false security; trust in the Lord, He will never fail you. It’s time for the walls to come down in the Name of Jesus! Begin to meditate upon the Word of God, especially Mark 11:22-26 and then start speaking to that wall and it will be removed from your life. Be Bold and Be Courageous, God is on your side! Don’t be deceived by pride because it will make you foot slide into a pit of destruction. Obey God and be free at last from the walls of your past.

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