Thursday, November 24, 2011


(*Today I am prvileged to have a guest blogger: My husband Anthony D. Harris. ENJOY)

As people all across the country are celebrating Thanksgiving today. I would like to reflect on what Thanksgiving is really all about. No, it is not all about the Pilgrims being thankful for the Indians helping them survive by breaking bread at Plymouth. In fact the first Thanksgiving was celebrated at least a century prior to the Plymouth buffet. Christians would come together in Europe to give praise and thanksgiving to God for all that he had done for them all day in a revival type format. It only goes with reason, people would eat after the revival.
Even Thursday being selected as the day, has Christian roots. Thursdays in the early stages of the United States, typically was the day the pastor delivered their midweek sermon. For those of you that don’t know it, midweek sermons are now delivered on Wednesday nights. 
So, yes I am truly thankful for the things we typically quote as being thankful for “my lovely wife, precious kids, family, church, church family, job, etc.” But, more importantly I am thankful for the one who has indeed truly made those things I aforementioned possible in my life, JESUS CHRIST.
Yes, he came so that we could have life, but not just life, life more abundantly. I’m not just thankful for the things listed above but having the ability to richly enjoy them at a level not possible without the precious blood of Jesus.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, eat food and watch football.
O.K. ladies, eat and shop 
Written by Anthony Harris

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