Thursday, May 12, 2011


Psalms 17:5

Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.

It is so important to watch your steps when taking a walk. There are many things on various paths that are undesirable for one’s feet to land on. Have you ever been walking in grass and was not particularly paying attention to where your feet was landing and all of a sudden, oops, you are conscious of something mushy, with a foul odor peeping from underneath your shoes, manure, yuck. Now you have this awful smell on you all the way home. Perhaps you have experienced the dramatic occurs of walking on a freshly mopped floor and, BAM; you’re on your back staring at the ceiling from the floor. Ouch!

It is very apparent from just these two scenarios that one must be alert when walking. If walking in the natural can expose a person to dangerous, unsuspecting terrains, how much more spiritually.
It is very obvious though, how these unfortunate mishaps could have been avoided.
We must keep ourselves spiritually alert as well as physically alert to avoid traps and snares of the flesh, world and the devil. God did not intend for Christians to walk around haphazardly not watching where they are stepping or going. God has equipped us with divine insight and discernment so that are steps are accurate and sure. However, we must remain alert and sensitive to His voice and follow closely to His instructions. God gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth; He will never lead us into a mess or distress. Does that mean that ever path God leads us down will be loaded with roses and fun things? No, however, you can always rest assured that wherever God leads you, He has already went before you to prepare the way so that nothing shall by any means harm you.

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  1. Amen, "The steps of a rightous man/woman are ordered of God" In essence God waches are steps if we follow God or allows him to lead us*