Friday, October 8, 2010

Are you Abounding in Blessings?

Proverbs 28:20
A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.

The scripture here connects being a faithful person to the blessings of God. When you are a person of genuine faithfulness you are consistently faithful meaning you aren’t just doing it when others are around to see you do it.
True faithfulness is a fruit of the spirit, it originates in God. It is an offspring of love and can never operate without love otherwise it ceases to be true faithfulness. When I say true faithfulness, the point I am trying to make is that there is a counterfeit. Sometimes people can fake it for a little bit just to try to impress people or just too selfishly get what they want. However, true faithfulness always expresses the nature of love when it is manifested.
A faithful person will love at all times not just when everybody loves and treats you kind. A faithful person will consistently love their enemies, 70x7 plus some mo. A faithful person will show up when nobody else shows up, with a smile, because faithfulness is tied to integrity. A faithful person is not wishy-washy, they are sound and sober. They are not up one day and down the next, they are loyal to display the nature and character of God. Jesus is the same yesterday, and today and forever. We are looking more and more like Him every day, Hallelujah! Faithful people stick with it until they finish the project. Jesus declared on the cross IT IS FINISHED! Faithful people are established in the truth of God’s word and it’s that truth that keeps them faithful. When you are yielded and controlled by faithfulness giving and surrendering to defeat is not an option. Faithful never bows to fear. There is no limit in the heights of faithfulness and its depths are deeper than the ocean. A faithful person will abound in blessings. God can trust them with more because they are faithful to His Kingdom and His cause.

Abound defined:
• Be plentiful, to be present in large numbers or quantities.
• Thrive, flourish, and proliferate.

Don’t ever be ashamed of the blessings of faithfulness that God lavishly pour on your life. God is just being faithful to His word.

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  1. He Finished His Work, now we can and should begin ours*